Benefits Of Being An Academic Night Owl


What time is best for study? This is a common question among students. Day in day out, students, from preschool to college, carry home a huge pile of homework to be submitted the following day. Should the student stay up late or wake up early in the morning to finish up the assignments? Study time varies among students but staying up late at night to study is more beneficial.

Benefits of studying at night

Stay away from destructions

Nights are very calm, and quite, it will be only you and some wild birds outside awake. This provides a very conducive study environment unlike during the day when the world is very active and loud. Also, a larger number of your friends will be asleep and less activity on social media hence very minimal destructions.

Abandoned libraries

Libraries are almost empty by the time school closes. Most students spend all day in the library and are already tired by this time and moving out. If you are the type that cannot concentrate on music and television at home, then this is the best time for you. The library will be all yours and can make the best out of this alone time in the library with very minimal movements and destructions.

Making the best out of your time

Studying at night brings a feeling of urgency to the student. This forces them to focus and concentrate more because they have limited time. Studying during the day makes you feel like you have a lot of time. Studies show that more information is retained from night study compared to during the day.


After a night study, the information is very fresh on the student’s mind when he or she retires to sleep. A study by NCBI says that during sleep, the brain picks up information worth remembering and puts it in practice. This improves the student’s creativity and helps them see concepts from a different angle.

The joy of sleep

After completing your homework and studies as planned, a sense of joy and satisfaction befalls. You will them enjoy a great sleep as the mind absorbs what was learned. You will wake up relaxed and full of energy the next day because you slept sound. This will not be the case for a student who planned to tackle their assignment in the morning but then overslept.…

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